Saturday, 1 October 2016

Characteristics Of The Innovator's Mindset Found Reflection

My previous two #immooc reflections for part one were poems.  I had intended for my reflection for chapter three of George Couros's book The Innovator's Mindset to be a found poem. Not sure if I have achieved a poem. So let's call it a found reflection. Each phrase is one that someone else wrote but resonated with me. Each phrase is linked back to its source. As I was collecting items for my found reflection, I came across someone who had a similar idea, a blog tour.


  1. Your poem/reflection is a testament to your commitment to innovate for your students. Does innovation has to be a constant? I think not. Should questioning your practice to make sure it is what your current students need now be a constant? YES! So you've got it covered, keep analyzing your practice through the eyes of your students and you will never get comfortable!

  2. I love found poems ... they force us to read close and seek words as ideas.